All active members of Ohio ACEP are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors or represent the Chapter as a Councillor. The Board of Directors has general supervision of the affairs of the Chapter between Annual Meetings.

Executive Committee

Dr. Bradley D. Raetzke


Bradley D. Raetzke, MD, FACEP

Dr. Ryan Squier


Ryan Squier, MD, FACEP

Dr. Dan C. Breece


Dan C. Breece, DO, FACEP

Dr. Nicole Veitinger


Nicole A. Veitinger, DO, FACEP

Dr. John Queen


John R. Queen, MD, FACEP


Board of Directors

Dr. Eileen Baker

Eileen F. Baker, MD, FACEP

Dr. B. Bryan Graham

B. Bryan Graham, DO

Dr. Purva Grover

Purva Grover, MD, FACEP

Dr. Tyler Hill

Tyler Hill, DO

Dr. Thomas Lukens

Thomas W. Lukens, MD, PhD, FACEP

Dr. Daniel R. Martin

Daniel R. Martin, MD, FACEP

Dr. Michael McCrea

Michael J. McCrea, MD, FACEP

Dr. Matthew J. Sanders

Matthew J. Sanders, DO, FACEP

Dr. Tom Tallman

Thomas A. Tallman, DO, FACEP

Dr. Brooke Pabst

Brooke Pabst, MD

EMRO Representative

Dr. James Augustine

James J. Augustine, MD, FACEP

National ACEP Board

Dr. Gary Katz

Gary R. Katz, MD, MBA, FACEP

National ACEP Board/ACEP Council Vice Speaker