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Ohio ACEP Board of Directors and Councillors Elected at Annual Meeting


Ohio ACEP Board Members and Councillors Elected at Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting included the election of the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors and Councillors. During the Annual Meeting Randall W. King, MD, FACEP was presented with a plaque from the chapter president acknowledging his many years of chapter leadership from 1986-2009. Incoming President Gary Katz also acknowledged outgoing Chapter President Eileen Baker with a service award. Jason Cheatham, DO, Nicholas Kman, MD, Sara Laskey, MD and Howard Mell, MD, MPH were presented certificates to honor the completion of the 2009 Leadership Development Program.

The following six individuals were elected to the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting:

The new and re-elected Board members join the following Board members and Officers in service on the chapter Board of Directors: Gary Katz, MD, FACEP (President); Michael D. Smith, MD (Secretary); Paul Culler, MD, FACEP; C.C. Halloran, MD; James M. Horn, MD; Nicholas J. Jouriles, MD, FACEP; John L. Lyman, MD, FACEO; Akhil Saklecha, MD, FACEP; P. Andrew Stephens, MD; and Thomas A. Tallman, DO, FACEP. During the Residents' Assembly luncheon, Logan C. Sondrup (Cole) was also elected to serve on the Ohio ACEP Board of Directors as the EM Resident representative.

Councillors were also elected at the meeting. Newly and re-elected individuals included: Eileen F. Baker, MD, FACEP; Thomas Carter, DO; Kevin M. Klauer, DO, FACEP; Catherine Marco, MD, FACEP and Daniel R. Martin, MD, FACEP. They join Doctors Broida, Halloran, Hancock, Katz, Lukens, Smith and Tallman as the Ohio Chapter ACEP Council delegation for 2009.

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